Guys do you talk about girls to the guys in your life?

Like the girl you love , or just the f*** buddie. Do you talk about your feelings like that to your bro’s? what do you talk about with them ? How much details do you give?

Cause their’s this guy i’m on off with he always comes back do me but last time we were together I told him to delete my number and I want to see how he’s doing and all. Cause I want him back but I don’t want to be that stupid girl.

I don’t want him going to his bro’s and all telling them I want him back and look like an idiot. Ya know?


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  • in a practical way. Like if you were around and I know they'd notice if you disappeared I'd head it off and talk to them and explain what happened and that I wasn't mad and that I hadn't murdered you etc.

    though just in a "Venting" manner? no. Never. not how guys do business. so in this case he'll probobly mention it to his friends. but thye won't be saying "omg brad. you're like so much better off. she is like such a jerk. Let's all go to the bathroom together"

    Like girls would. So you won't be an idiot to his friends really. you'll most likely be meh to most of them.

    Guys are to lazy to generate anything other then general apathy in most things.

    • Yea I went to all his family events, all his bro’s family events. Stuff like that. Just how things ended with him we go from friends to f*** buddies and his friends know that. But last time we talked about settling down and idk. I told him to delete my number cause of this circle we keep going in. I wanna text him but I don’t want to look dumb after I was like duces. ya know?

    • i here you. And honestly. I don't think anybody will care

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  • some well most guys are like that you kinda remind me of my ex recently my ex girlfriend just broke up with her current boyfriend and she needed a shoulder to cry on and I was there for her and next thing I know on a Saturday night she calls me and tells me she had this ex boyfriend from 2 years ago telling me oh he's not gonna tell anybody and I'm like are you serious he's a GUY that's what most guys do when they want a piece of ass there gonna say to the girl oh yeah sure I won't tell anyone then before you knwo it he's like hey guys I had her on the weekend etc. and its true few days after her ex from 2 years ago did tell people and no I know this is kinda stupid but I only talk about my feelings to my girl friends like girls who are my friends if I talk about how I feel to my boys they just laugh or make stupid jokes but my friends who are girls take me seriously and give me good advice and as for your situation I hope he's not doing that to you because it isn't right for guys to do that to girls my guy friends have done it too with there girlfriends or hook ups saying she still wants me I could get her back anytime I want etc. but anyway I know you don't want to be that type of girl but yeah what ever you do just be sure its what you want. Do you want to be with him or do you want to be just friends with benefits or just friends and if you want to be more then friends don't make it easy for him because he will get that in his head she's making it so easy I can get her anytime I want y,know but yeah just be sure its what you want.

    • What are some ways I can make it not so easy for him? Cause the last time we were together things got complicated and I told him to delete my number. Were on and off a lot and he’s always the one to contact me but I don't know things are diffrent this time. any suggestions?

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    • Not really getting any messages from him right now so that’s not hard to do lol. thanks imma try that tho. I did it last time and it seemed to work

    • ok good and no offense but he would be pretty stupid if he doesn't give you any attention because your gorgeous

  • We do talk about the girls in our life, pretty much everything except things that might embarass her. But I think you have to end this guessing game. You obviously care more about how other men veiw you than how he does, so he is not the one for you. If you really wanted him back you wouldn't give a f who he talked to. It wouldn't even cross your mind.

    • more so how he views me . Only reason I care is his people and I went to jr high and elementary school together. We didn’t get along then it was super awkward and I got bullied for having lavish things when they didn’t . So yea just don’t wanna deal with that sh*t again.

    • Alright. Sorry if I seemed like a d***, I didn't understand your reasons. I thought you were just scared other guys wouldn't be interested in you.

    • no problem you didn’t know. Nah I know other guys are intrested , i’ve got a bunch blowing up my phone lol so i’m cool on that just the situation is diffrent.

  • Nope. When I do talk about girls to other guys, it's usually to point out a bombshell in the area so we can check her out and appreciate the view. When it gets serious, I'll ask what they think about a particular girl and if I should go for her (they can weigh in on my chances with her).

  • Yes we do. In your situation yes the guy would've told them what you said, and that its over. What guys talk about girls depends but they do. Good chance if friends are close he would go and tell them that you want him back. Even if to ask the guys what you guys think.

  • Well, depends on my friend. Only my closest, most trustworthy friends will I spill any details of dating, rejections, flirting, etc. And that's just a couple guys.

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