How do I be more of the hot and sexy girlfriend to my boyfriend?

He had the sexy life with his ex girlfriend but not with me, with me I'm just someone he's in the relationship. How come he had a sexy life with his ex girlfriend and not with me? He never make me feel sexy.
I seen them when they was together
I'm not happy with someone who see me as someone he's just in the relationship. I'm only happy with someone who I can have a sexy life with and sees me as his hot and sexy girlfriend. The relationship have no value for me unless they can make me feel sexy and build my confidence. And my boyfriend does nothing to build my confidence.


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  • Thats just how guys are they get caught up in there ex and he might still have feelings for her, and maybe it hurts him to make you feel sexy because of his ex.


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  • i think you are selling yourself short. perhaps she was more flirtatious, perhaps they had a more established relationship but you shouldn't compare what you saw (as an outside looking in) versus what you have now. if you are happy and he is happy then that should be what you wnat. she is his ex for a reason so I don't think you necessarily want to have what they had unless you also want to be his ex

    • But I'm not happy

    • well then maybe initiate that sexy life. it's hard to know what he and his ex went through to get to the point that you saw. like maybe early on or behind closed doors things were different. if you like him maybe initiate some of this sexiness (because if he's like me he may be hesitant to do those things unless he knows how you'll respond). he if doesn't respond to your initiation then maybe it's time to break up, but I wouldn't make any decisions without trying first

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  • How do you know he treated her in such a different way than he treats you?


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