Boyfriend and I are going to a family get together, a sort of ex of his will be there. How should I feel?

Okay, so they never officially dated. He said back in high school the girl basically led him on told him that she liked him and once he fell for her, she rejected him. She was lying about liking him the whole time and he was hurt pretty badly.

Now, My boyfriends family is throwing a little birthday party for his niece. The girl is going to be at the party because she is a friend of the nieces mother.

To clarify, I am not jealous of the girl at all. I'm protective of my boyfriend and I don't want him getting hurt. The fact that I know that she hurt him and caused him heartache pisses me off.

I told my boyfriend not to point the girl out. So I won't know and that way won't have the urge to confront her about it.

Honestly it all sounds childish to me, I admit that.

But I can't get rid of this, almost primal feeling of "You hurt my boyfriend, therefore I hurt you."


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  • if you love each other and belive It couldn't be problem for you... relationships must depend on honesty..


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  • Wow very smart of you to not want to know who she is all I can say is be a woman caress his face hair serve his plate say nice things like baby or sweetie( watever you call him) what would you like to drink smile often confidence is sexy ! You have mothing to worry about :)


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