How do I handle my ex?

Ok, my boyfriend broke up with me about a week ago and I have no idea why. Things were going great and he was acting totally normal. I still really really like him and I don't know what to do. School just started and I can't pay attention to any other guys, even if I try. No one compares to the last guy...

There's also another girl who is with him like all the time and I think she likes him. I feel like an idiot, but I still really like him. He just started being able to make eye contact with me again...but I think he is still avoiding me. I have to see him almost everyday anyway, but it still makes me sad for him to walk into be in the hallway and pretend like he doesn't notice me. Please help...


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  • Ok in this situation you have to do something pretty counter intuitive: you have to act like it doesn't bother you. This does NOT mean avoiding him. This means being very warm and happy when you see him. Smile at him whenever you see him, say hi. Especially if he's talking to his friends, pass them by, say "hey guys" - smile, make eye contact with a few of them + him, and walk on.

    Now you also need to be warm/happy/nice to everyone else too (especially in front of him) - so he doesn't get the idea that you're delusional about still being in a relationship with him. Just act cheerful even when you don't feel like it. Act laid back, confident, secure, happy, and don't act different around him in any way (either by avoiding or contacting him more).

    He will likely avoid you at first, but just act consistent in your temperament above everything else! When guys break up, they often keep their distance to avoid a "crazy ex girlfriend". He doesn't know if you're crazy yet or not, so the best thing to do is act as laid back as possible. Don't act like it doesn't bother you at allll, because he'll see through that. But just try to be genuinely nice. Act like he's your friend, because hopefully he is. Treat him like the rest of your friends, and hopefully he'll adjust into that role.

    Hope that helps! This is a hard thing - silence can be heartbreaking...but keep a brave face on, be confident enough to keep extending an olive branch, and above all (it's really hard) - try to understand how HE feels and try to act in a way that is genuinely nice. He'll respect you for it.


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  • You should pretend that you don't care for him. Avoid his eye contact and pretty much avoid him.


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