Why did this girl do this?

Ok this happened a while back but I never figured it out. There was a girl I had in two classes in spring of 2012. I liked her so I asked her for her number to study together and she said yes. Then when I texted her she said she was busy so I figured she wasn't interested and left her alone. I even stopped sitting by her in class so she wouldn't think I was trying to annoy her or anything. Well I swear I would catch her looking at me in class. Well class ended and I figured I'd never see her again, but she ended up being in my class this past summer and said hey to me. Well I said hi back but I never really talked to her, I wasn't upset, I had just moved on. Well about a week ago I saw her walking on campus and she was staring at me, this time I was sure. Why do girls do stuff like this?


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  • Just because she said she was busy once doesn't mean she wasn't interested at all you shouldn't have moved away from her either she probably thinks that she did something really wrong to you and she's looking at you because she's still confused by the situation.


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  • She's trying to figure you out. Like, if you're messing with her/ playing hard to get/ to see if you're still interested.

    Sometimes people do get busy. Maybe something was occurring in her life at the time and she finally has the chance now to "see" you. Maybe she's wondering why you don't seem interested in her anymore.

  • I'm a girl and even I don't get it. Not all females do this. Besides just because she is looking at you doesn't mean she is attracted to you.


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