What's ex girlfriends problem

Ex girlfriend broke up with me about 4 weeks ago. It was a bad split and I said nasty things to her which I regret as I was hurt, but her seeing some guy days after the split and putting pictures of them on Facebook didn't help.

Then after a week of not contacting her I sent her a message saying, I'm confident you made the right decision about the split its what we both needed no hard feelings.

I didn't expect her to reply but I wanted to be the bigger person and be amicable because we work at the same place.

Then somehow she found out I was going to V festival and she's also going but we all have the same group of friends.

Out of the blue she sends me the following message;

When I'm at Vfest I don't want you to approach me or try to talk to me at all.

I replied:

I have no intention of talking to you, we are not together anymore. Good luck with everything. X

I don't get why she's contacting me since she's been ignoring me anyway.

What's her problem


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  • I think I may have answered one of your questions before, sorry I forgot to reply again. Honestly as you have been the bigger person in all of this break up (well done), take a step back and look at what is going on here.

    She doesn't like the fact you are being more mature than she is, that's why she sent you that unnecessary message. Sounds a little like she is trying to pick a fight with you, well done on replying in the way you did.


    1) She broke up with you, you were obviously going to be hurt and she was not sensitive to that, by automatically going out with someone else and posting pictures of them on Facebook - immature behavior .

    2) You obviously have tried to make amends for some of the nasty things you said and in my opinion you actually had the balls to admit you made a mistake, well done and she still isn't acknowledging it.

    3) You aren't trying to win her back you are trying to say sorry, and all she could reply was don't approach me. Sorry but she is treating you as inferior. She has no right to say what you do at a festival.

    It sounds like this split was for the best. Wave goodbye to this one, she needs to grow up. I know you're probably still hurting over her. Just give yourself time to heal, have fun at the festival and just do exactly as she asks do not approach her, don't show any interest in her at all. She shouldn't have treated you like this in a break up, especially when she broke up with you. Sorry if I am being harsh but time is a healer. Good luck :)

    • Thanks for this. It's difficult when you love someone I know she treats me like crap but I don't do myself any favours by saying nasty stuff. I think we are both bad as each other it's a weird love connection. I'm going to have fun at the V festival ignoring her if she talks to me I'll be calm and polite nothing more. Thanks again

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  • If you said nasty things to her, most likely her putting up pictures with other guys is a way of getting back at you. It seems she's still hurt, that's why she's acting like she is. ''No hard feelings'' from your side yeah, but she def still has hard feelings...

  • Maybe she is pms , but you should think , if she really loves you, on time she never abandon to you :(

  • Yikes she's feeling vindictive huh? lol She's probably still hurt from what you said, but try not to worry about it. You're being the bigger person here by being amicable.


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  • Skip V fest and go on some dates and post lots of pictures on your Facebook account.

    • I disagree not posting anything makes your ex wonder what you've been doing

  • She's your EX! Get on with your life without her!


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