This is confusing! Why are girls so weird, I really like her though, need help!?

okay so I'm 16 and I got this girl's number from camp she's pretty and really funny. So were texting back and forth and I make the mistake of telling her how I feel about her and she's aww and everything is still going well were flirting and texting until one and then the convo ends. at 4 she texts me if I'm awake I text back yeah and she asks to get on the phone and then we do and we end falling asleep together and then that morning we get on the phone again and we make plans to walk to the store together because we live close. after the store I walk her home and I said call me and she said okay. she never calls me and then the whole next day she doesn't text me but I'm not worried then but the next day I text her good morning and she doesn't answer and then I call her that night twice and she didn't answer but I called her from my brothers phone and she did but I hung up. so yeah she is ignoring me but why? this has been going on for about week and a half.


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  • Did you do or say something the day you guys hungout? Did you ask for her number in person? or on Facebook or something? The only thing I can really think of is she didn't find you boyfriend material or there's something really big that she didn't like about you.. Or she found another guy. She shouldn't be so immature about it and just flat out tell you why she isn't talking to you.


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  • I think you may have said something, or she realized she can't date you or maybe she realized she was leading you on or something like that... you should go visit her in person maybe a week from today to hang out. When you do hang out, bring the incident up subtly. She'll most likely explain, but if she doesn't really, don't freak out or become confrontational, then you'll lose all chances you have with her. Just relax and explain. Hope I helped and Good luck (:

  • Did you contact her in any way that day when you thought she will call you?

    • yes I think I texted her

    • It seems like she really liked you which means that something is wrong. If you have the confidence, go up to her and ask her why she does not want to talk to you anymore.

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