Should I work through this with him or still holdon to the mistake?

I was dating my ex for 8 years. Just last October we brokeup. he told me he couldn't be with me anymore because he felt like he wasn't nothing in life and he didn't wanna hurt me. On the same day I told him also I was moving out of state. While I was gone he starting this young girl that is not even close to 20. she moved in and basically he ended up doing her mother and father job. for months I was getting mistreated because of her throwing out money and buying him stuff with it. She will give him 2000 a month maybe more. He has a job and a car. She in the army but she was paying for everything. she manipulated him with so much money. Now she gone he came back crying in regret, which I been seen a while back. There was no way to break up because he was too addicted to the money. She bought him shoes, tinted his car windows, and whatever you think she did. While we was together I never experienced drama with other females. He pushed me away and talked to another girl while he was with her. When the girl that was living with him deployed, he let both go and now he come back with trips to Paris and etc. he said it was full of regret now after throwing so much money to him, he's now depressed, and not in college anymore because when he stated dating her, his life started going downhill. He even lost his house due to her threats. I don't know what to do now I feel like a rebound ?


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  • I think you should break up with him, he chose money over you. Anyway he got himself into this situation why should you have to deal with his misery. I think you can do better.


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