How do I make me boyfriend think I'm sexy?

He had the sexy life with his ex girlfriend but with me I'm just someone he's in the relationship with. And I'm not happy with that kind of relationship at all. I am NOT at all happy with someone who don't make me feel sexy. And I defiantly not getting engaged to him until he makes me happy. It would be even worst and just a drag being pinned down to someone who I'm just there to bare his children and clean. I show plenty of skin and even send him sexy pictures of me and none of it matter to him. Why did he think of his ex as a sexy girlfriend but not me?


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  • So he doesn't find you "sexy" and he has said this himself? That is to say, perhaps his thoughts on such matters have changed, but perhaps not in the direction you are willing to accept?

    Setting that aside perhaps you just aren't as sexy to him as his ex-girlfriend and he is dating you for the stability and other benefits even if he must give up a little ... sex appeal.

    • I don't want someone who's just with me for the stability and other benefits that what I'm saying. I'm not happy with someone I'm not the hot and sexy girlfriend to

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    • but why would he passively ignore my requests?

    • Because he doesn't put the value you do on them. He doesn't see it as an affront to your beauty but as a childish request based on jealousy that is lousy with problems such as attempting to reach a rank that was established and even abandoned 2+ years ago for all I know. It's the timing.

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