He's a riddle I can't undesrtand ! please help!

Hello everybody!

I met this guy on Facebook like two weeks ago. We started talking and we really hitted off. We have lots in common and we really enjoyed our conversations. He asked me out indirectly and I accepted to meet him with so much confidence. Before the day we met I didn't call or text or anything I disappeared and then only few hours before our date I called him to see if it's always on. The guy is kinda rich and cocky a bit so I had to go with a flow and play hard to get. Anyway, We met and he was very nice and geniune ...I didn't expect him to be that way with me. we started talking and he seemed interested. At the beggining of teh date he was recieving text messages ...and answering them...I didn't pay attention at first..but then he kept doing it until he had my attention ..so I asked him: " Is she your girlfriend?" he said :"yes" I was shocked (cuz I liked him) but then I realized that I had nothing to lose anyway. So I started asking him about her etc..we talked friendly and only talked about his girlfriend and my ex. What I noticed about him was the fact that he is an insecure man..shy and unable to confront others. During that night I had the feeling that he only pretended to have a girlfriend to attract me even more ( I showed an attitute of a pretty chick, confident, and who doesn't care) but wasn't sure. Anyway, I stopped talking to him after our date was done...what I noticed is that he was posting stuff like : how to seduce girls and pictures of girls etc...(he wasn't used to do this before our meeting). I thought that maybe he wanted me to question his relationship with the girl he said he was with. so I talked to him in a friendly way and he was extremly nice to me.

One day, I decided to push him indirectly to say what was on his mind..since he is insecure and shy. we were talking and then he was joking and said something then I told him: no I will never make you feel mad and you know why! he said: why, tell me why?...I told him: beacuse you're not the kind of person I would say anything bad to..he smiled and told me: I really liked that please don't stop saying such lovely stuff...and then I ended up saying: I will stop because I know that you're dating someone else and I don't wanna ruin our friendship...si it won't make any difference if I say anything else. he said: you never know if you don't try and then I told him...I like you! he told me: I like you too...So we talked yesterday and he told me that he will go get dumped...I thought he was joking and then he said when he was back: I don't wanna talk about it..acting as if he were really hurt lol

I think that he lied to me about having a girlfriend and now he should finish the lie and say that he broke up so that we can be together? is he a player? I am lost.


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  • Good advice from the guy that just posted... But really you need to find out more... Like evidense=I want. True Love is the goal. And trufillness/love him for sure is what you will fall in love with. Find out if he is your type. Then fall for him or not. It's cute you are willing to go that far...

  • Sounds like you're in the clear to date him. He might have been using the girlfriend thing to build you up. I mean, if he ends a relationship just to be with you, it must say something. I would be wary if he wasn't telling the truth, and definitely don't be so easy with someone who posts "seduction tips" and things like that.

    • Thank you so much ^^

    • It's my pleasure.

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