Does he still want to go out with me?

So.. I met this guy like a week ago. Last weekend, he asked me out on a date, but unfortunately I was busy that weekend, so he told me the invitation was still there, that I just had to tell him when I can hang out. For the next couple of days (Saturday and Sunday) he seemed to be very into me, like he really liked me (I can describe all the things he did and said, but they're a lot)

The thing is that we have been planning to meet during the past few days and for some reason he's busy at the last minute. (We go to same university, but we don't have any classes together).Now e doesn't text me as he used to, so I'm not sure if it's because now we are back to school and he is busy, or because I want to meet him.

It's not that I'm dying to go out with him, but I would love to try it and see what happens, the problem is that I'm not sure if he still wants to (besides, I'm going to be traveling the next weekends because of school, so if we don't hang out soon, it's going to be in a month or so)


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  • No idea what happened but sometimes that's just how it goes. There could have been miscommunication or bad timing or something else. I would try asking him if he still wants to hang out. If he still acts distant just forget about him.


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