How can you tell if a guy want his space or not?

Well he's my ex now. We go back and forth. He block me from calling him every time he get mad. I text and call him everyday but I had to stop. I was trying to get the truth about something. He block me and unblock me. I asked last time why he do it. He said I text to much. I use to block him all the time too. He knows I text from an app but no response. We been together for 7 years total and I really wanna change this. his friends he hang with are so darn nosey that he lie to them about what happen Between us but deep down inside its a different feeling. Do the silent treatment work for most?


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  • I think you should forget about him.. he sounds immature.. his actions show that he doesn't really care much and if he cared for you he would not have felt the need to lie about you in front of his friends. he does not value you the way you value him so do yourself a favour and let him go... he does not deserve you. also when you get into an argument, blocking the person is not a good way to deal with it, in future sort out the issue there and then and move forward.


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