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I have been living the past few years in middle of nowhere country florida, I wish to move back to california and that is where I am with a friend right now for summer. Because of my parents job. I am 17 and feel like moving out to go back to my old home area and go to high school. But only way I would be able to is if I get emancipated cause that is the only way I can be out there. My parents think it would be great if I did get emancipation, they feel it will give me a head start in being more independent and encourage me in this option. If I get emancipated can my parents put money into my bank account so I can pay for an apartment in the area. And is there any specific reason in order to get emancipated or can anyone just get it. Thanks.
and could I get the emancipation here in florida.. like my parents come out here. or would it have to be emancipation in florida and I would have to go out there for it. could it count as emancipation in california if they come here?
and one more thing. if I did get emancipated and couldn't get money from my parents still for whatever dumb law reason, would my parents be able to give the money to my 21 year old brothers bank and then my brother gives it to me in my bank account or can you not be supported by anyone?


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  • you can actually leave home at the age of 17 without being emancipated, your parents just can't kick you out until your 18, and yeah why wouldn't they be able to give you money, it would just be like them giving you money for a holiday just whenever you needed it, you would have to have them wire you money every month or mail you a check/money order ever month then you put it into your bank account. don't get emancipated one because you don't have too and 2 because if things go bad and you want to come home your parents can't say no until your 18. if you do get emancipated your parents can kick you out. even if you don't get emancipated and go out to cali your parents don't have to give you money every month


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