Friends with benifits for 8 years.does he have feelings?

when we first started it was in high school and it was just fooling around we wouldn't hang out and if we did it was only because I was with his sister. after high school we stopped for a year because I moved away but when I moved back, even tho he had a girlfriend,(im not proud of) we were back at it. when him and his girlfriend broke up he started coming around a lot more. When ever I was with his sister he'd make sure to hang out at the house or with us if we left,when we were at parties and other guys or his friends would talk to me he'd come over and join in and then ask me if I wanted him to drive me home instead of his sister, but if anyone asked him if we were doing anything he'd laugh and say no. I moved away again a year later and when ever id come back home , no matter if I had a boyfriend or him a girlfriend, we alwayyys see each other, and it would be just a wam bam and he'd go. we stopped for three years because I had gotten into a serious realtionship and I now have a son.

Now I am single again and go back to my parents house at least once a month for a week, and in that week I see him everyday and its no longer just hooking up, he now cuddles with me, kisses me on the forehead and is always wanting to come over.

hes much sweeter to me now then he ever was before. he texts me more now then he ever did in the past and will say things like " I wish youd move back", or "wish things were different".

ive had feelings in the past for him and every time I see him I still get these feelings and I don't know what to do.


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  • Well, this website deleted it all, so I'll just paraphrase with a numerical listing:

    1. You have a kid and that complicates things; I don't think he could commit as if he were to do so he would have already.

    2. You've just witnessed human maturity; it has something to do with longevity but he went from cheating on his partners with you to probably a more stable and functional manner of living.

    Screw you GaG for eating my much more detailed post.


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  • I wouldn't get into a serious relationship with him if I were you. Look at the trend...for 8 years all it ever was was just sex between the two of you. Can you see yourself in a committed relationship with him? Do you think he will commit to just you? Do you two have anything in common other than sex? How well do you really know him? Does he offer to take you out on dates? Or does he only want to come over? How about you ask him what he really wants from you. Pay attention to his choice of words, and his actions.

    One thing I learned about men...they want all the p***y that they can get--at the lowest price--and they don't want to work TOO hard to get it. LOL And no, I am not saying you are easy, but avoid giving him the goods for a while now since he seems to be showing a sweeter side--see how he reacts.

    Good luck babe!


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