Do guys still get jealous even after they had their chances of getting back together with their ex?

I've been separated from my ex/father of my children for a little over 15 months now. I had recently asked about 2 months ago if we could work things out. He said no. But then was sending me mix signals with being sweet and even romantic almost. Then last weekend I asked if we could try again. Again he said no. I told him then if that is the case we need to limit our face time with one another as it hurts too much. So I've limited the time as far as doing things together with our children such as going to church together. We have different religious views as it is I was simply being accomodating as I wanted to work things out with him. But I'm wondering if he'll even care that I'll be dating another man because he seems so irritated when I said we needed to limit our face time with each other last weekend. I don't want him to take it out on our children we have together nor myself. I'm just curious how long a guy can hold a grudge. OR how vindictive they can be even though they had a chance to reconcile with an ex.


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  • I just don't see how people can break up when they have kids together

    • We had our differences. I think the lack of ability to have time alone together w/out our children even a date night would may have helped us. But we both worked A LOT to make it.

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