Do you think I am badass?

For whatever reason when I tell people about my past they tell me I'm badass but I don't agree. Okay so I was bullied from kindergarten all the way up until I graduated. In fifth grade my grandpa was dying of cancer, my handicapped grandma had been I the hospital for three months and my aunt had gone into the hospital, interally bleeding. that day at school my teacher yelled at me and with wvery thing going on in my life I completely snapped and flipped out on the teacher, I ended up suspended and my assistant principal recomended me to a therapist that i, unwillingly was forced to go see. Some of it was physical, some verbal. A lot was gossip in rumors, in sixth grade they shoved me in lockers and I got into a fist fight with a boy twice my height that I didn't start. In seventh grade I had finally had enough and became extremely closed up and mean. People still bullied me but I would bully them back so they became really good at hiding it & I was okay with that, as long as I didn't have to hear it. In eight grade I met a girl that had been bullied so bad that she cut herself & almost attempted suicide, now I knew people like her but I had never had a friend like her at school. She got me through my eighth grade year, where I was suspended twice. Once for texting her in class and the other for telling a teacher his lesson plan that it was pathetic, stupid & that I hated it. I ended up dating my best friend, then later that summer, coming out as bisexual, getting drunk and accidentally sleeping with my other best friend (we were both drunk and both of our boyfriendsthougt it was so hot that they let it go but we both still feel horrible about it. Through my ninth grade year, I ended up dumping my boyfriend out of anger and a spur of the moment thing. Thinking he wouldn't take me back I tried to move on & ended up with my first girlfriend. She ended up dumping me & telling mei was obviously still in love with my boyfriend & that she wouldn't take me back until I ha done everything in my power to get him back and he said no. Three days and a 19 hour conversation (it lasted all afternoon and all night) we ended up back together. After I came out as bisexual to my Christian parents, they disowned me & the beatings, that I had received for years, got worse, yet still not a finger was laid on my sisters. The beatings got so bad that I would be crying and if my friend or my boyfriend was over I would beg them to kill me. The irony in that was the one that talked them both out of suicide. At age 16 I got emancipated & moved into an apartment with my boyfriend & some mutual friends. I haven't talked to my parents since moving out & now my boyfriend & I both carry concealed weapons at all times, upon his request, so no one could ever hurt me. Although I know for a fact that I could never kill my parents and I also know they are The reason he wants us to have them.the story is pretty vague & there is a lot left out but it's the one I usually tell people.


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  • idea of someone who is badass is someone who does something substantial for either themselves or for someone else.Some one who is able to rise up against adversities.Someone who truly makes a mark in society or in someones life.What you expressed above isn't it in my mind at all. Not everyone is dealt an awesome hand.But that doesn't in my mind classify you as bad ass.People who experience their entire family slaughtered due to wars in their country and who can continue on and make something of themselves and succeed regardless of such tragedies...NOW THAT IS BAD ASS.What you have expressed is typical American "problems". At most all I can say is..."meh".


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  • I think you've had a pretty hard life, and I think in spite of it all you are a good person. And I think that's pretty badass!

    • You have a license for you're concealed right? You can get into a lot of trouble for not having one, just some friendly advice.

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    • Yeah if there is one thing my father ever taught me, it was that if you weren't going to protect yourself legally then don't do it at all because it defeats the purpose.

    • Sorry didn't mean to post that twice, but yeah my boyfriend has always been extremely protective over me ever since we became friends, like sixteen or seventeen years ago. He is kind of excessive about it at times, but I can't get mad at him when he's just trying to keep me safe. Like when I was moving out he made me stay at his apartment with his brother while him and some mutual friends of mine went to go get my things, because he didn't want me in the house if I didn't have to be.

  • Weeks you had a bad start in life but you now acknowledge that so that's a good thing.


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  • Not really.I know a whole hell of a lot of other people with REAL problems.Sorry...just how I see it.

    • What's unreal about being abused by your parents and being disowned by your own parents at the age of 14?

    • Regardless...still...due to those things calling you badass is not the word for it.Sadly,thats life for some people.

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