What should I do about this?

My internet boyfriend and I have been dating for about two months now. We first met each other in January and got together in February, but he broke up with me about a month or two later because his feelings for his ex came back and he wanted to figure some things out(basically). We ended up getting back together, but it wasn't the same. I'm assuming my feelings for him died after he broke up with me but I'm not sure why. We ended up breaking up a month later because of that, but we kept talking. Somehow he got the spark to come back (he's extremely persistent when he wants to be with someone) but we didn't get in a relationship immediately. We waited a few weeks before we finally made it official again. But a few days later, my feelings for him started dying again and I have no idea why. He's such a wonderful boyfriend and I don't want to lose him, but the feelings I had for him just died for no reason... What should I do about this? Is there a way to make the feelings come back?


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  • Find a real life



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