Why do I put up with it!

My boyfriend of three and a half years has been nothing but extremely rude to me today he fussed at me for everything and I would say sorry like he asked me to and he would say sorry is not enough and he eventually broke up with me after he called me and told me everything in the book and even went so far as to discuss my dead brother. The issue is we live with one another so he said we would leave one another peacefully and he wanted to break up on good terms I broke out in tears not because he wasn't handling it right but because I had just heard to much today and to be broken up with was just the breaking point. Why am I still here and how come I could leave all my other boyfriends that didn't treat me right but not this guy?


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  • I just ended things with a guy and I was the same exact way and still am though I haven't moved on completely yet. It's like you're in love but he just doesn't love you the same way back and you're holding on. He knows you and you know him. Except my guy doesn't want to end things peacefully. All you can do is move on and absolutely stay away from anything that reminds you of him. Be adults about moving out and go move into a good place where you can start fresh again. No matter how much you love someone or they love you, you shouldn't be treated like that. It's like he's done trying to impress you and love you in a way. I think he still loves you just not much as you.

    But I could be wrong, this is from my experience that I'm going through right now. End things peacefully though so the relationship isn't a scar for you and effecting your future relationships. I mean I'm having bad dreams so I wish I could get that peaceful ending. If you guys are meant to work out then you will and if you don't then it's a sign to move on. I hope I helped!


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  • Sounds like You may have found the "ONE" well the 1st "one"

    This sounds almost like the relationship I'm in now other than we have kids and are really trying to make it work.. Us guys can be stubborn and very stupid at times and some of us seem to just assume that we are right and not saying or doing anything wrong. I used to do it but thought I was being funny but turns out I wasn't :( My other half never used to say anything about it as she didn't want to argue or fall out over it but she wasn't happy..

    Sometimes us guys need a push to see how good we have things.. mine came when I got home from work and found she had packed mystuff.. After a few days of being alone I noticed how much of a ass I really had been..

    Thankfully we sort of got things sorted. We don't have everything great and have the ups and downs but I'm where I want to be with her and the kids.. Its not till you have been together a while and live together that you notice that to make a relationship work both people need to work at it and the most important thing is to talk and keep talking.. If you don't know what winds each other up then the bad times will start to out do the good times


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  • Not sure what makes drawn to not leaving him. He seems to go for beyond low blows and nobody deserves that. Bringing up your brother is just going too far you deserve respect and better than that. If he wants to go, let him go. There are other guys out there that you can find love with and that will treat you well.


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