How common is it for girls to secretly try to move in with guys?

I don't have to worry about this myself but I was talking to someone who has a house and was dating a girl who started to try to move into his place without saying anything. She'd start to leave clothes over saying it was because her job was closer to him and put them into his dresser along with things like a toothbrush and stuff but she'd slowly do this.

He caught onto it and made her stop. Later on, I saw someone explaining such a technique on "Girl code" where the girl was saying to leave stuff over and make him breakfast and slowly move stuff in. It's his own house so it made me wonder if she was trying to move in and if she did would she even split bills with him?

How common would it be for a girl to do such things? I see girls saying online that they only want a guy who is "better than them" and many girls won't go near a guy who doesn't have his own place yet girls I meet online or talk to are constantly living with their parents trying to move out. I rent my own apartment but it would never fit a second person. But I wouldn't want to date someone who wouldn't split the rent bill.


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  • Very, very common.

    In fact, my own mother did that to my father when they were still dating. My father freaked out and almost dumped her lol.


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  • lol I wouldn't do that myself but I have a few friends that have tried it.


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  • Oh. My. God.

    The mere thought is this freaks me the f*ck out and makes me want to run and hide. LOL


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