Help with a guy whose in a relationship?

So please don't tell me answers like "he has a girlfriend, just stop." Basically him and I became good friends when I started dating his best friend. We talked about a lot and he would always build me up. When his best friend and I stopped dating we continued talking, he would hang out with me even if my ex was around and would tell me things like "you can do so much better than him, he doesn't treat you right". People comment on how we flirt all the time, like one time we had a group hangout and he would do things like sit really close next to me, put his hand on my knee/thigh, and walk me to my car. He and I also hang out in the morning before school and one time he texted me asking if I could come earlier so we could play basketball one on one and he like picks me up and I jump on his back. Also, he told me that if he's not in the same class I'm in then he's going to change his schedule so he can sit next to me. In our convos he only brings up his girlfriend (she goes to a different school) a couple times every like five convos we have. I know theyve known each other for six years and have been dating on and off for three years. I have met his girlfriend and she is very sweet. People always comment on how me and him flirt all the time and would be a good couple and he just smiles at that. He is very attractive and my friend says she can tell he likes me because of the way he looks and acts around me and knows that I like him too but like him and his girlfriend won't break up unless something big happens because theyve been dating forever. Help, I have no clue what to do. I like him a lot and can tell he likes me too. Should I continue on being good friends with him, and just wait on it?


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  • Yes I think you should still be friends with him and try to wait it out.Also it seems like he has a stronger connection with you and he spend more time with you because your close.By his girlfriend going to another school it kind of messes up him hanging around her a lot more by hi mand her not being in the same school or even same class,etc.So it would seem like to me that maybe his feelings might swing more in your direction.Don't change your routine or nothing.Flirt with him and have fun.And I think eventually he might break up with his girlfriend to be with you.The chemistry seems to be really strong between you and him.And maybe he feels it to but he might not be ready to act on it yet.


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