My ex's new girlfriend is purposely annoying me

i dated my ex for about a year, and he dumped me for this girl who he cheated on me for 4 months, and became an official couple with her even though she clearly and explicitly knew about the cheating in full detail.

I know I'm supposed to not mind and bother about them but they are seriously annoying.

in the sch cafeteria, she will sit two tables in front of me so I can see her and him.

outside sch, if she (with my ex) sees me walking past them to go into the mall, she will just nice then decide to have lunch in the mall too and walk behind me with him.

and she always always walks past my class to walk past his class(me and my ex class are next to each other, but hers is not). and everyday after sch walk to the outside of his class (which is also outside my class) and wait for him to go home with him after school. NOTE: I sit near the window of my class so I can easily see who walks past the class

i doubt my ex notices me because he is constantly smiling and talking to her, and I noticed that when he does notice me he has a shocked and sort of scared expression.

what do I do about this annoying girl (and probably my ex) ? I'm trying my best not to show that I care but I can't help but look at them when the two of them walk past me together , in and out of school... and most of my friends say she is doing it on purpose, and I think so too since she's also staring at my sometimes with this hate in her eyes.
ps, I think she is sort of copying me too. after I tied my hair into a high ponytail, her bestie came to me and told me that the copy-cat thinks I look very very pretty with that hairstyle. next day I see her with that high ponytail too. I told her bestie I wanted bangs, I saw copy-cat with bangs too.


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  • Lmao.. say that you're gonna dye your hair a color that doesn't suite her, or highlights over the weekend and see if she'll end up having dyed hair on Monday lololol.. I'm jk but it would be a funny idea ^ยท^" I know its hard, but I suggest you just focus on your studies and have more fun with friends and family because trust me, no FAITHFUL person is worth being cheated on, especially if they've cheated on you with the person he ended up being with.. just don't worry about them. Because trust me, they won't even matter once you graduate :D


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