Is This Normal After A Break Up? :[

I was in a relationship with a guy for almost 2 year we broke up then started dating without the status, he stopped talking to me then he started again like a month later, now he doesn't text me anymore.. I'm basically done with him but now I really want to change myself, like when I look into the mirror I see myself with him and I just don't like myself anymore. Sooo, I dyed my hair a dark brownish red with black tips, I'm getting my nose pierced (because he hated when I had it done before) and I'm also changing my style.. Is it normal to want to start over and reinvent yourself after a rough break up? :(


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  • Absolutely not. When you are with someone for a length of time, if you don't focus on keeping yourself 'you', spending time alone or with other people, etc., it's too easy to lose yourself. You don't realize it until you are not with that person anymore and you don't know what to do with yourself. I've been through this twice before, after a 4 year relationship and a 3 year relationship. It took me a long time to get back to 'me', and now that I have that, and I'm engaged, I'm trying my hardest to never let that happen again. Being your own person is an imortant part of being happy in a relationship, I think more people need to realize that but we're all constantly learning. Hopefully for me third time is the charm!

    • Thank you so much, your answer really helped! And Congrats on being engaged:)

    • If I may ask, what happened with your 3 and 4 year relationship?

    • Well I was young, still learning about myself and what I really wanted out of life (as were they). The first one I can say, without a doubt, ultimately ended because of his severe alcoholism, I could no longer deal. The 2nd one, had a lot to do, again, with his alcoholism (I can really pick em I guess), but I know that there were things I could have done differently as well. Ultimately though, my heart went cold from hearing I'm sorry for the same actions time and time again.

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  • you're getting over him and finding you. GOOD FOR YOU!


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