Dose my ex misses me or is he playing mind gmes?

SO I decided to give my ex friend a chance. What I mean by that is after are relationship ended there were some things that was said and how he was acted out. So he hurt my feelings with his words and after that I went bye, bye and haven't spoken to him since then. But when this month come in August come I saw him at work and we slowly start talking again, but not after work just within inside. But I recently I contact him by texting him just this last past week I believe on Wednesday afternoon. I figure just to text him and let him know I had a new number because he said he has been calling my old phone and that he couldn't get in touch with me, and I feel like that was a bad idea because it's like you say you been calling me and I give you the new number but you haven't even call me smh. But we text over the phone at first he didn't know who I was- until I told him and that was the last time we text. But lately he has been asking me to come by and see me or if we can hang out with him. And I don't know what's going on in his mind and why he keeps asking me this. So I told him This coming up weekend we could hang out. But do you think He misses me or Is playing GAMES? THANKS


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  • No on here knows how he is feeling or what his intentions are. You're going to have to talk to him and see, if not bluntly ask him what exactly he wants from you. He might just want to spend time with you and remain friends, he might want you for a hookup and nothing more, and he might want to get back together. Only he knows, so talk to him about it or at the very least let him know what you do and don't want.

    If he isn't being genuine he'll probably stop talking to you or wanting to hang out with you.

    • That is true, I can only ask him to be really sure. But last time we had a talk and I told him how I didn't want him touching me anymore or to flirt with me. He got the message- but he also start getting mad. And when he acted like that, it makes me not wanna ask him these question's. I mean I'm not scare of him- it's just weird for me to talk to him about these thing's. But maybe that what I need to do...

    • Well in my experience when you tell a guy no and he gets mad its manipulative behavior to try and make you feel bad because he can't get what he wants. If he wants to be immature and have a fit let him, don't give into it. Also, if he cannot just have a conversation with you he clearly is not being genuine/serious AND he seems too immature to handle any kind of relationship.

    • Yes I agree he dose act immature- at lot of time's. I mean he is older then me and your still acting like this for realz wow!. I mean were not together and he shouldn't be touching me, he and I are not together, and when I do talk to him. It don't matter if he likes it or not, because he needs to be put in his place and leave me da H** alone . And also thanks for your help!

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