Girls, us men need some insight...

Girls, we all know that you all do it, try to come up with excuses to talk to or see your ex. Isn't easier to just tell them you miss them or still have feelings for him, and just be straight forward?

Anyway, with that, I have three things I was wondering girls could give their insight on.

First. If you broke up with your boyfriend, it doesn't matter why or how recently/long go, what various excuses do you use to see him again? For example, "can you bring me my one DVD you still have?" Etc..

Second. If you are trying to see and talk to him again, and you did the breaking up, what are your reasons? Do you miss him, still have feelings for him, etc..? Basicaly, why are you making contact and creating opportunities to see him face to face again?

Third. If you do miss and/or still have feelings for him, what hints or signs will you give him? For example, you randomly pop up and start talking to him again, do you keep him in the loop about how your life is going? Also, what reasons are there for small talk to be so hot and cold (one day you do a lot of small talk with him, the next you are giving him the cold shoulder, or vice-versus)?

You females are quite a confusing species. Help us men to better understand. Obviously they don't have to be my examples, but if you could give insight into those three questions, it would be greatly appreciated. Personal experiences and stories are welcome.


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  • Wow...ok. so...u are right..we do make up dumb excuses not to seem obvious. I've done it 10000 times lol. However...not when I'm the one that did the dumping. We are like guys in that aspect usually...once we are done we are done. So if I did do that it would either be because I missed him or had regret of some kind and wanted to feel out if I still had feelings... If this is happening to you are still interested in her then just let her play her game and try and judge for yourself what the real reason is behind it. If you are welcoming she will gain confidence and reveal her intentions quickly

    • So what types of different excuses would you use and what signs would you give that you missed him?

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    • Sometimes the small talk will turn into the cold shoulder though. One day she'll be very talkative and interested and engaged, then abruptly stop talking and not respond until hours later, the next day, or not at all. Women are impossible to understand when it's so hot and cold.

    • Then I would guess you either aren't responding the way she wants or not pickin up a hint she's droppin or she's back and forth in what she's feeling...

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  • I've never wanted to see an ex. It's usually the opposite with the ex calling, texting, wanting to meet-up as "friends" etc. And what I've gotten from an ex going hot and cold is that it's just the normal healing process. "I hate you", "I love you", "how could you do this to me", "she doesn't realize we were meant to be together...I'll show her that she still loves me", "I can't live without her", "I don't need her", "it was all a lie", "why" etc.

    Sucks to be the dumper too when there was mutual love. Pretty sure I'll burn in hell.

    • So if you were to be the dumper, and those questions apply, what would your answers be?

    • I'm guessing it's the same mental battle.

    • So if you did the breaking up, and ended up missing him, what things would you do?

  • What are you talking about? I don't want to see my ex. I want nothing to do with that boy.

    • Maybe that's your particular situation. The questions are more geared toward girls would either did or hypothetically break up with their guy and then end up missing him.

  • I have had the opposite happen to me, when I go through s break-up I don't want to speak to the person, there is a reason we broke up and I want to move on. However I had a guy that took 2 months before "leaving me alone" with texts like that, or asking if he could visit so that we could talk.. I understand why, but I don't think it is fair, and everyone should just move on..

    • The questions are more geared towards girls that miss their ex and what they do. So IF you broke up with him and missed him, what would your answers be?

  • This had happened to me the other way round. My ex always made excuses whenever I saw him txting with his exes. In the end, I broke it off with him completely!

    • What was your ex making excuses for?

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    • No! Never! Once it's all said and done then that is it! I've been down that road before so I'll never ever do that such thing to anybody! I might think of my ex from time to time but never I will sneak behind my boyfriend to see him!

    • Nowhere is there mention of leaving your current boyfriend for an ex. I think you missed the point of the questions. The point is: IF you broke up with someone and then missed him. Whether it be you regret breaking up, still have feelings, whatever.

      The questions are to help guys understand their exes. No need to take the question so literal, which too many people on this site do.

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