She left me for her roommate (any help greatly appreciated!)

So this girl I'd been dating for the past few months left me yesterday for one of her roommates. I had a gut feeling she had feelings for him, but I figured he never had any interest in her. He's a pretty good looking guy who parties quite a bit and who ended his two year relationship with a gorgeous looking girl back in about April. Where she's kind of an awkward, soft-spoken nerdy girl who doesn't go out too much and even I had considered average looking at best (my sister considered her to be ugly). I know looks aren't everything (although for guys and especially college guys they're pretty important), but I guess I had figured he had no interest just based on the girl he had been dating; I figured he'd be looking for someone that was in that same league. I know they had a bit in common and had the same majors (physics) which was an important thing for her, but again it's just difficult for me to picture the two of them together. I've seen some of her ex's too so he seems like the complete opposite of any guy she'd ever been with before or could get.

She said they had talked about being in a relationship for the past week and finally decided to do it. She claims she didn't cheat on me because they never did anything while her and I were dating, but I suspect that they slept together one night last weekend and that led to them deciding to get together. It's weird because they already announced on Friday that they're in a relationship on Facebook and in part in feels like that was done just to piss off his ex-girlfriend as she just posted pictures of her and her new boyfriend last week as well. That could be a coincidence, but it seems really odd. She never even told me anything until yesterday after I had already confronted her and found out on Facebook (I don't have an account but my sister was snooping on her and told me to check all this out).

My question is this: do you see this relationship lasting between these two? How long would you expect it to last? I know it's difficult to answer that, not knowing them, but given how quickly they seemed to rush things it just seemed to be a matter of convenience. I expect that he'll get bored with her and try to go get a hotter girlfriend sometime quickly just based on my experiences with him. Given that they're roommates it seemed like such a stupid move too. I guess I ask all of this because even though she left me for him, my parents and sister feel that this is going to end within about a month and that she'll come crawling back to me. During our short time together, she had already broken up with me twice and we got back together (the first time I asked her out again, the second she begged me to come back to her after hanging out only once as friends). I consider it a possibility because I know she really liked me and things were going pretty well between us before all this, this was just in her mind her "perfect" guy and so she couldn't pass up the opportunity. Thoughts?


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  • nah it wont, as you say he will get bored and fine another girlfriend, your ex is just a silly girl who thinks she's awesome because she can get a handsome guy, these kind of situations always fail miserably for the girl. if she really comes back for you, may I suggest you scolding her based on your feelings, she destroyed you dude, there is no way to take back a cheater, once a cheater, always a cheater, its the personality and attitude problem, its not a personal, but if she's willing to throw you aside when a handsome guy comes by, your just the safety wheel for her.

    Anyways, the more important part of this topic would be about you, you, my friend, deserve someone who loves you for real, not someone who leaves you because someone better comes along, I hope you learn something from this.


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  • Of course it will end up shortly! It is based on simply nothing, but when she comes back to you asking you to forgive her - you do that, but don't ever start a relationship with her again. You deserve so much better than her, it is obvious.


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  • You want my thoughts? Women are shallow, you got traded in for a hotter model upgrade. I would play her game and find a new girlfriend and forget her.


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