Complicated, ex-girlfriend or girlfriend...Whatever it is.

Long story short, she's 7 years older then I. I asked her out when I was 18. Nope.. She just got preggo with her x bf's best friend. She tried seducing me before that but she was drunk and I wasnt. So I diddnt. Ya.. I know.. Anyways, I moved. And she had her kid. two years later we start texting. and texting. and texting. And I moved back. Instantly. boom.. sex. it was torrific. And we got really close. Me and her son as well. But we broke up... I had to work at camp. Could never find a good job... We grew distant and I ignored her for two days and she dumped me.. I moved again. Moved back after we were with other people. And started to talk. Talked more. Started to hang out. Started a relationship. We broke up... lol.. its complicated. Hard to understand why we broke up... Her sons dad and the small city is against us... We diddnt talk.. And now were friends again. Best friends. With benifits. Kissing, hugging, cuddling, dating. Yea, making love..

But just as friends. Who love each other and say it...

She wanted to go for a trip with her son and id go but I have no passport. I lent her my truck. And I used her car. Also took care of her house and cat. Slept over... She got back today and we were just like normal dating... I was about to drop the l bomb and realized... lots to this..


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  • Do you have a question? If you are just wondering about your deal with this girl, it is clear you two have an attraction that is enough to get you back together regularly, but not enough to keep you together. Good luck.


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  • whats the question here, I don't see any. are you hear to tell us how your having a friends with benefits situation and boasting lol.

    do you want to date her? if you do then continue, since it seems like its working out for you two

    • I think he wants to know how to get a passport?

    • LOL OK, I think OP you should highlight your question cause a lot of people would miss it

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