What do you think about me and my ex?

We met up yestrday so I can get my camera he said he may give me another chance in the future and he said he will always love me and I told him that I miss him and he said the same thing. We made out and I don't know why he asked to make out with me? He also told me he will talk to me when he's ready. When we left he gave me a hug and said take care of myself and stay beatitful. Do you think he still cares about me? Do you think we may get back together in the future? Why would he kiss me? What do you think he might decide? Now that he forgave me what can it mean for us?


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  • i think you need to explain the breakup

    Does he still care about you? it sounds like he still cares for you.

    do I think you may get back together? I don't know

    why would he kiss you? because he still has feelings and is attracted to you.

    Do I think we may get back together?" see answer #2

    Now that he forgave you what can it mean for you two? I don't know. I don't know what he had to forgive you or what it means for you two. but for him, forgiveness simply means that you accept that someone made a mistake and you aren't going to hold it against them. but just because you forgive doesn't mean you forget and it also doesn't mean you are going to take them back into their life. Forgiveness more or less just means, you are human and as human you made a mistake, I understand and accept that


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  • One can answer this question anywhere near accuracy only after you mention why does he need to 'forgive' you. If that statement weren't present in this question there's a whole lot of possible answers and options.

  • If you did something that forced him to end the relationship (cheating, or you hurt him some way etc) then maybe he's trying to deal with it and he's conflicted about his feelings for you.

    If the breakup was not your fault, then he's just stringing you along just to keep his ego stroked until he can get a new girl. (Trust me, the last one happens all the time. Most exes would do it if they could get away with it.)


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  • What do you mean by forgive you? Did you do something that caused him to end the relationship? If not then he's just stringing you along keeping you on stand by as an option!


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