Should I tell my ex how I feel?

To try and keep a long story short, I left him because of his temper. He wouldn't yell, but rant on and on often saying spiteful things to me e.g. You're crazy, stuck up, bitch

After a few weeks on no contact we started talking. Things were good. One day he was talking on the phone and started telling me how much he missed me and explaining his anger. He sounded remorseful.

Then, we went to met up again. He started a rage agin because he didn't like the day I was available to see him as he wouldn't have cash and wanted us to go out (I would have payed for myself of course). He then started going over the relationship, telling me I never cared and was confused as to whether he had an temper or not (his family turns a blind eye). The conversation ended with us saying how we missed each other, him saying he wanted me back in his life everyday and me crying over the loss of the relationship. I called him the next day and told him I would prefer we didn't catch up. He sounded shocked, but didn't argue.

Now, I really just want to talk. Tell him I care, how I hate his temper, feel like I'm dealing with two different people, how I hate his cranky side. I know it may never get anywhere productive, but I want him to hear it. Plus, he's always been the one to reach out (admittedly, I don't show my emotions)

What do I do?


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  • write him a letter. email or snail mail but I wouldn't bother getting into the conversation because it seems like he will react in his normal angry way.

    I'd write a letter, this way you can think about what you want to say, get it all out on paper without interruption or fear of how he'll react.


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  • If you need to tell him for some closure then tell him! He should know that his temper is what caused you to leave. You never know could be a pattern in his relationships and maybe if you are blunt and honest because you care it might prompt him to get some help. Good luck girl! I tried my best with temper guy and it broke my heart over and over...but people can change! When I left he got help and now is an amazing husband to a very sweet girl!

    • Thanks for the answer. I think I will tell him. Curious, does it break your heart that he could change for someone else but couldn't get it together for you? That would kill me. :(

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    • Hmm you're probably right. I will stick to my terms. I was tempted to text him straight after and say something but I'm glad I didn't. I won't try to contact him, even though it may drive me nuts. Thanks for commenting back so much. It was sweet of you to give me so much of your time :)

    • Anytime! I hope it all works out well for u!

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