How do you keep fear at bay?

We've been together for 2 months and we just came back from our first holiday together. I'm 100% myself when I'm around him and I can feel myself falling in love with him deeper and deeper. I'm really happy but I'm also terribly scared this might all end and how hurt I'd feel. How do you personally keep such fear at bay? Please share some advice.


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  • You don't. Ignoring your emotions is never healthy. Fear is a good thing actually and you should heed it's warnings; what you may fear now if you cannot overcome it quickly with reasoning may be what is terribly important to notice. For instance you've been around this person for sixty days, which is not long, and perhaps this fear is not of such that you will lose the person but that things are progressing too fast for your own good. You are uncomfortable with your emotions and therefore should be wary and aware of them, is all, which in turn means you need to question your motives and understandings and reasons and then reassess the current standard.

    If this has been a habitual problem with relationships in general there's usually some form of other deeper cause however relationship anxiety can manifest this way and if it is relationship anxiety you can usually reason it away with evidences and proofs of commitment. This is all assuming that the problem is within you and not some red alarm that you're just ignoring because of neurochemicals such as his showing up sexy and being amazing but also disappearing for hours into the morning and returning smelling of alcohol and cheap perfume. That's extreme of course, but you get the point.

  • falling in love is taking a leap of faith. putting your trust in someone that they will not hurt you. this unfortunately is the only way it works. It doesn't mena you ignore signs or just let things happen but it does mean that while things are good you just trust that you are luck and have found the one.

    everything in moderation.

    No fear = is a bad thing

    Too much fear = also a bad thing.

    so let the fear you have allow you to be smart and intuitive to what is going on in the relationship. you just don't want that fear to start keeping you from appreciating or having a good thing


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