If he likes me why is he pushing me away?

So, I met this guy at a party in April, and he was flirting a lot with me. After that he started to text me, and then he invited me to another party, which he picked me up and brought me to. We had a lot of fun, and he kissed me. It started to get late so he invited me over and we just hung out and watched movies and talked all night. He told me that he wasn't ready for a relationship, (he had his heart broken by his ex who was a foreign exchange student and they broke up when she had to leave) It had been a over a year since she had left but they stayed together for a little while after she left. He told me that I was the first girl he had been with since her and he said he just wanted to take it slow. He also said that if I wanted to date him I would have to wait a long time until he got his life in order and he was ready. He also said he didn't want to have sex because he didn't want to get really attached to me because he wasn't ready.

We really connected, a ton in common. The day after our little sleepover when I would see him in school he would smile and when I passed him he would turn around to look back at me. All of the sudden I felt really shy and rejected because he had said he wasn't ready for a relationship, so I kind of ignored him..I continued to text the guy, but we both ended up pushing each other away.

A couple weekend's ago, the guy's best friend was texting one of my friends and told her that he and the guy were going to the drive in, and he invited her and I to come with. (He likes my friend so I was supposed to go for the guy I like) We were going to go and then have a couple drinks after, but when we saw what was playing we decided to just hangout.

Well, after a couple drinks you can guess what happened. The guy and I kissed, and made out, and then we ended up having sex. He was really gentle, and sweet about everything. After we just cuddled and kissed. We didn't talk a whole lot, but we were both a little tipsy. He had to leave eventually because he had to work the next morning.

I waited a couple of days and then texted him and told him I had somehow ended up with his shirt and asked him if he wanted it back. (It was just a white tee shirt) He replied with "no that's fine, I have a lot of those if you wanna keep it!" We talked for a little while after that and I got one winky face out of him and that was it. I texted him again the next day but he never responded.

I saw him at the local fair every day last weekend, and when I did he would smile and wave. One of the times though I ended up in a casual conversation with his best (and a few other people were around) I turned back to look at the guy and I could tell there was something wrong, and so could my friend. He was looking at me but he looked really upset. Someone asked him if he was okay and he responded with "yeah I'm fine" and then they walked away.

So now what? I'm too chicken too call. I don't want to push him any farther away. (He's also very shy)


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  • It's simple. You got played. It sucks but move on.

  • Im wondering the same thing...


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