Is it wrong that my sister took my bedroom even though I didn't want to live with her in the first place?

My sister moved in just yesterday. The reason is because This condo is close to the University we are going to be going to.

She told me herself that she didn't care which room she takes, but if she takes my room she will feel safer. (Even if someone were to break in, what is going to stop them from going upstairs?)

She said she had a computer that is worth over $2000 and she doesn't want that to be down stairs. But I have a LED TV and a nice lap top that I keep downstairs.

There is two rooms one is located next to the entrance to the door. The other is adjacent to the first one, but it is upstairs.

I have been living in my room, the upstairs room for about 8 months and a half. And just yesterday my dad was moving my bed so they can make room for her desk without asking me first. I got in their way and told them not to do it. But knowing my dad he will probably do something as collateral like change the owner of the house to someone else. It is despicable that he would even think about doing changing the owner.

I didn't want him to move anything in my room. I don't feel comfortable in a smaller room. But they decided to move her in anyway, and told me if I didn't like it I can move out.

My sister also told me this morning that my dad is threatening to change the owner of this house, which is me. To say that my sister owns it. I signed all the paper work for the house no one else co-signed.

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  • How can your father change the ownership like that, if you were the one who signed all the paperwork? I mean, doesn't the fact that you are the owner make you the only one with the authority to actually do something like that? On that note, your father and sister sound like pricks. Anyway, you should probably check from a lawyer what authority you and your father have about the house and move on from there. If it turns out that your father has no such authority, then you'll just be able to lay rules on the two of them. Tell them that in your house, they'll play by your rules and if they can't handle it, they can move out. If they won't move out by free will, then have the police come over and force them off your property. If it turns out that your father does have the authority to go about changing such things, then you should consult your options with the lawyer. If there would be nothing you could do, I'd suggest you contemplate how uncomfortable the change makes you and can you handle the tyranny imposed upon you. If you think you can handle it, then you'll defer to them but I'd suggest finding ways to get justice. If you think you can't, I'd suggest moving out and trying to take as much of wealth with you as you legally can. Don't go do anything rash though, it'll only bite yourself if you get reckless. Best of luck.


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What Girls Said 2

  • I would move alL her sh*t to the other room

  • That's really unfair of your dad. Your house is yours. If you choose to give your room to your sister then that's cool, but you shouldn't be forced to do anything you don't want to do. It's your house.

    I think you're going to have to talk to them. That is so unfair and if your dad and sister don't see that... well... they're kind of awful.


What Guys Said 3

  • Dude if you signed all the paper work for the house (even if you didn't pay for it) Its yours. You could do whatever you want.

  • Depends, if you own the place, do with it as you want. It's not right for them to choose what to do with YOUR place.

  • If you signed all of the paper work, you can do whatever you want with the house, since it is yours. That being said, I'd just let it go, I doubt it's worth getting your sister and your parents mad at you over.


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