Should I contact my ex?

I broke up with him because of his temper. We got back in contact eventually but after talking for a few weeks and catching up once, his temper came through again over nothing and he basically flood me with his feelings and opinions on the relationship. We both said we still cared. He had been trying to organise another met up, I called him later to tell him it was best it didn't happen.

Now I feel stuck in limbo. We aren't friends, but we aren't fighting.we are still on Facebook etc together. I wanna talk to him, tell him everything I feel. I know it's likely to end in an argument but at least then I could just move on knowing we don't speak. Should I risk it and call or just leave it? I know if I call, it would mean a lot for him as so far he's done most of the attempts to reconcile.


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  • His temper isn't going to change . Id move on. I know you feel bad for ending it that way. BUt if he gets mad and hits you because he control his temper. If you wanna get back with him them call him but I would really think about it and make sure that's what you want but rember his temper will always be there. I know you might be scared to move on and see what else is out there but there are men that you won't have to put up with a temper that are sweet as pie.

    • his temper will leave eventually. Unless he's some gangbanger who thinks he's scarface. Other then that, you are clearly dating push overs.

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    • Saw this and thought I'd just add that I agree. Tempers don't just disappear. I think when you're around it in your work regularly, you are more wary but that doesn't make you wrong.

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  • You need to take your time. Talk to him, be friends with him. Tell him that you wanna be on good terms with one another, and that you would like something serious, if everything works accordingly. Aka no fighting and stuff.

    If this guy loves you, he will for sure do what you would like him too. He need to explain to him that the way he gets mad, hurts your feelings. And that he shouldn't be fighting with you, but against the world with you.

    If you really want him, you will both take your time in speaking with one another. I'm pretty sure you know how to push his buttons and he knows how to push yours, and I'm sure this isn't what he wants to do again nor do you.

    Just take your time. There is nothing wrong with speaking to him again. I'm sure he feels the same way you do. And I'm sure he is more then willing to work on things

  • How long have you guys been broken up for?

    Im guessing you guys are young, cause normally by the age of 25, the temper in males tends to leave. Has he had time to reflect on his behavior towards you? Have you voiced your opinion of his temper towards you? Maybe he isn't aware of it?

    His temper will leave as he gets older. Its your choice if you wanna stick it out and wait for that to happen.


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