What to do , want to move on but stuck on someone?

i want to move on and meet other girls but I'm still not over this girl that I tried to but failed to get in a relationship with . I think about her a lot but just don't see it working out as it hasn't so far . I have been trying to meet other girls and some seem interested but stuck on this other girl


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  • Let this be a lesson, not to let yourself get "stuck" on a girl so early...especially before you ever get in a relationship with her! The only cure is to find another person equal to, or better than the last one. This can take time. Learn to control your thoughts, and feelings.

    • I don't think it be impossible to find another girl , she was a nice girl but nothing about her that I couldn't get from another girl in terms of physical features or personality , living in a small town she did have a geographical advantage as a lot of the other girls I meet are from further away so that could be a challenge to meet someone close by . I do agree I became attached to her too early

    • I've been in your shoes. I've felt the same way. And to my surprise...another...even better girl has come along. sometimes it takes weeks...and sometimes months...but if you keep putting yourself out there...she will come by. The girl to guy ration is around 60/40..so the odds are in your favor. Keep your head up. Become the best YOU can become, so you'll be ready, when Miss Right walks by. Good luck!

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  • If it's not to be the only thing you can do is avoid seeing the girl. If something don't work out we can only move on. It takes time of course when you really like a person but we have to!

    • its weird she seems to be avoiding me and not easy to find anymore , used to always see her out at night but not out anymore . I agree it may take time to move on but I'm not sure I'm even that interested in a relationship at this time after this experience , I won't have the oppurtunity to see that much of her in the fall as she goes back to school and I haven't been seeing that much of her lately anyways so

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    • yeah I'm worried about what the rebound might be like this time , I'm not really one to do one night stands or that stuff but really upset about this and not sure how I'm going to handle this . and likely need a cooling off period before another attempt at a relationship, have been talking to some other girls at bars , meet a couple the other night bit didn't really feel any connection to them

    • Yeah you probably won't feel a connection just yet. Like you said you need a cooling down period. You sound like a decent guy, she don't know what she's missing silly girl. You will be fine in time. I am totally sure there will be a nice girl out there for you!

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