Does anyone out there have a mom like this?

My mom can never be happy for me. The day I graduated from college, she never congratulated me that day since it was on Mother's Day. I figured that would be a great Mother's Day present. My mom hates me girlfriend and when I was all excited to tell her about my girlfriend, she just tore her apart. She is trying to prevent me from contacting my girlfriend by confiscating my phone and laptop. This is why I want to move out. Last week I got a job offer from a very prestigious bank and she wasn't happy for me at all. Is this something mothers just do or I my mom different? Should I confront her on this and tell her enough is enough? Should I mention that I want out of my house because of my mom?

I can't really afford to move out right now unless I get a roommate. My girlfriend can't afford to move in with me at all. I am considering drastic measures if my mom doesn't start to respect me. I think I that if she doesn't want to give my girlfriend a chance, then I will sever my contact with my mom when I move out. I don't want to deal with her and my girlfriend fighting. I love my girlfriend and I plan to marry her some day and start a family and she wants that too. Regardless, I am pursuing my future with my GF.


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  • Maybe she's insecure feels your girlfriend might be sabotaging her status in your life. Maybe she's insecure financially like what would happen if he left who would I be dependent on. Sit down and have a chat with her tell her you love her why is she being like that. She knows best

  • Is she depress ?

    Sometimes when mothers give birth they become cold to their children

    • She's not depressed. She's always happy for my sitter who's the golden child

    • Every mother has a favorite a mother who says she doesn't is lying . Your mother doesn't hide it I could imagine how upsetting that is . You should tell her that she should be more Deseret about it

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