Am I being blown off? Why doesn't he answer me?

We went out once and had sex the first date. He is the father of my daughter's friend. We have kept in touch and been together a few more times about six months ago. We recently got back in touch and were gonna meet but his daughter was still awake so he didn't want to get together. Every time I ask him about getting together he doesn't answer me. Tonight I asked him and he said he was sorry he fell asleep, but still didn't answer.


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  • sleeping with him on the first date was a mistake. some guys, that's all they are looking for and then they move on. I would stop contacting him, if he wanted to meet up he would contact you. Typically its up to the guy to do that anyways. The way he is flaking out on you kinda reminds me of how females act.

  • Yeah, most likely he's already as satisfied as he'll think he'll get with you.


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