OLDER MEN - Can a man really be too busy to text or talk?

Recently I started talking to a man who is quite a few years older than me (more than 10). He expressed his interest first but then I heard nothing from him. I initiated contact days later and he answered right back but then again I wouldn't hear from him for a little while. He is a pretty busy person, we both are actually, but I always make an effort to respond to texts when I'm free. He did mention to me that there are times he doesn't get home until after 11 which I understand because I have days like that too but then in the morning I would send a text. Maybe it's just me.

There were times he would just text saying he hopes I'm having a good day or to get home safely. Then we went through a period where we talked quite often, basically everyday but now we're back to days at a time with no communication. He's told me he's very interested in me, he would like for us to be together but his actions do not match what he says. We'll talk sometimes for a little while and he'll say he'll call me back and never does. I spoke to him 3 days ago and he was clearly busy and said he'd call back, I texted him later that night saying that I would like to see him and haven't heard anything from him since! I seriously have no idea what's going on because he sends such mixed signals to me. He'll be all about me one day and then nothing for days. It's driving me a little crazy and sometimes I feel like he's testing me to see if I'm going to call or text demanding an explanation to the lack of communication. He did tell me that his last relationship ended because she couldn't keep up with his lifestyle.

Basically I just want to know if it's possible that a man could be so busy or wrapped up in the things going on that he doesn't have time to contact or text someone that he's truly interested in. Thank you!


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  • "Can a man really be too busy to text or talk?"

    Yes. Of course he can.

    But it can also be that he just doesn't want to text or talk.

    You can google this, but many women get a neurochemical rush of dopamine, phenylethylamine, and oxytocin when they text. It makes texting pleasurable because it gives instant gratification.

    Men don't get this.

    It's one of the reasons that women get so upset when men don't respond immediately to a text - it's their bodies way of blaming the man for not giving them an immediate high or buzz.

    You can google the terms "women" "texting" and "dopamine" and follow any of the links which lead to the more reputable journals.


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  • No one's busy if it's someone they're really interested in.

  • How old is he, and how much do you think he dates?

    • He's 43 and in all honesty I don't think he dates a lot at all.

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    • Judge things primarily by how he is with you in person.

    • In person he's all about me. Always makes a point to touch me in some sort of way or talk to me. Always smiles, always happy to see me. I don't see him often though so I feel like I rely on talking or texting. It's very difficult to understand how he can just go on throughout his day and not think to at least send a text message saying hi or something since we see each other so little.

  • I will always make the time if I'm truly interested in them. If someone can't even take 30 secs out of their day even if it's to tell you sorry, I'm super busy but can't talk right now or just to let the person know they were thinking of you, then they don't give a damn..


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  • Actually it means he is nt caring,heis suppose to text at least to tell that he will b busy


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