Not texting back an ex... bitchy?

My ex just texted me after I legit said goodbye to him yesterday. Yesterday, he said he still loves me and all but ALSO admitted he IS flirting with another girl. Yes, we're broken up. But it still hurt to hear..? I am not that hurt from that, though. Just the fact that he's giving up on us is upsetting, while I'm fighting so hard. We can't be together for numerous reasons but still love each other dearly (well, at least I do..). Should I ignore his text? Would that show I am upset? Or is that too bitchy?


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  • For your own sanity, you should probably avoid talking to him for a while. Just send him a text back letting him know you need some space from him for a bit. If you want, you can reconnect after a couple of months. It's not healthy to try to keep in touch with someone you still love but can't be in a relationship with.

    • That's the thing. I've said that I need space many, many times..but I can never stick to my word. Because I always end up talking to him somehow. Or he makes me change my mind. It's disturbing how he can do that to me. It's like he KNOWS I'll come crawling back, you know? I just want him to think "oh sh*t. She's serious this time. I'm actually losing her".. Because I really am serious about it this time. But I don't know how to express it

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  • I know giving him space and IGNORING his text is hard. Believe me, I'm going through the exact same feeling right now. But you have to convince yourself that in order for things to be different, you had to act and do things differently in order to see a change.

    • Ugh ya its super hard ! :( But at least he'll hopefully get the message

    • oh honey, I'm hoping my ex will get the message too. For the two years we had dated, we were ALWAYS in contact and had always seen and been around each other. the number of days where didn't was probably less than a week. So now, that we're not seeing each other and not talking...i hope he's going to miss me. we can do this though. each week gets a little better.

    • Awww hun! I'm in the EXACT same situation! I understand hoping he's going to miss you, I feel you. My ex and I became long distance after he moved and at first, he was hopeful we can still work something out. Now, not so much. "I need someone here", he says. I totally understand that! But flirting with another girl AND saying you love me (even if we're not official anymore)...yeah, that's confusing. Ugh. It's so tempting to text back :@:@

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