In love for years. You decide to make a genuine unambiguous effort for once or move on. What do you say?

If youve been in love with someone since you met, but you did not want a relationship so you never said anything and made an effort to act distant so as not to give the idea you were interested.

its been so long you decide you should make a genuine unambiguous effort for once and/ or move on.


What would YOU say to her/ him?


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  • I would move on. Still that's no fun so let's say I wouldn't move on.

    If I were to not move on I would simply tell them that I like them, not incorporating the nonsense of the whole "legacy" element; as doing this alone should garner something. Incorporating the legacy element will kind of create an awkwardness because if they should refuse it won't be as if they are refusing in an echochamber.

    • legacy? element. what legacy.

      Well thanksbuti itsa bit vagueand redundant. I'm sure he knows I like him. I know he likes me. why else would we talk to each other.

      btw I don't have a problem with rejection. I'm not thinking of what to say based on what will bother me the least when it doesn't wrk. I want to do something real, that's all.

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    • I have. It was for their own good. And good came from it no less.

    • lol :)

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