Guys - have you ever changed your mind after a break-up and decided you wanted to get back together?

Overall, my ex and I had a good relationship. It went downhill towards the end and I told him I realized that it my insecurities that had my to be unhappy...not him. He said he has moved on and I should too. I was wondering, if giving him time and space that he needs...would that change anything? We went through a lot and I did about EVERYTHING for him. His parents, family, and friends accepted me and even thought we were gonna get married. I know being patient is the key which is completely understandable. But am I a fool for still having hope for a second chance?


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  • That hope is the most natural thing. When the relationship is over, bad moments get duller in your memory and good moments get more vivid. So, at some point after a breakup, everybody wants to come back. But I'll tell you something: it never works. If you had a bad relationship, there's no amount of time nor energy in the universe that can change that. One day you'll meet some with whom you'll have an easy relationship. No up/downs, no downhills, no on and off... just a good and nice relationship. After that you won't waste another second of your life in crappy relationships.


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  • Yes, sometimes I"ve lost my temper over a minor issue, and then quickly realized I was letting the small things get me all worked up instead of focusing on the important things. I mean, her stupid girl friends, no matter how awful they are, aren't part of our lives.

    Although they try to be.

    I've learned to even put up with my sisters-in-law.

    You should always count to 1000 before breaking up with someone, especially if you've been together a while.

    • So ask him if you can try again! Try to approach it in a light, flirty way, not as some big decision...

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    • I don't think that would be a good idea :/

    • Well, you know the personalities involved better than I do. A whole lot better!

      But I'd err on the side of being a little bit aggressive here.

      Good luck; remember me for best answer!

  • Feelings constantly change, happy to sad, being in love to heart broken. Your not a fool for having hope, thought I wouldn't encourage it because it has back fired on me personally and brought more heart ache then I would have had getting over her.

    Just train yourself to not think about him and try and get over him, and who knows he might come back and if he does great you can re fall for him if you want minus the heart ache while waiting.

  • The past is the past. Learn from your experiences and then move on.

  • You don't know what you have til its gone.

    ALmost every relationship I've been in well have our "fight" and ill get pissed and break up only to get back with her a few weeks or a month or so later

  • Yeah I did. Got back for a year, she dumped me, I realize she's an insecure slut nugget

  • Few years ago I initiated the break up because I know I did not feel that way towards her. Every now and then, I might think of her some nights, about how happy I was when I was with her and how much I have hurt her


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  • im going through the same situation. my ex and I broke up 3 weeks ago and our relationship was great but my trusting issues hurt him. I know he loves me but told me needs time to get better and then he will decide but that he can't be with someone who doesn't trust him :( I wish I could get a second chance and I'm actually going to try to talk to him soon. at this point I don't think I have nothing to lose. I'm actually traveling to a different state to go see him and tell him face to face I'm sorry..hope really works out ..i wish you the best...i would say go for it..if he's worth it why let him go? in my case ill try to fix it and if at the end he says no then I will move like you wondering if he would take me back or not..hope he does and I wish you best of luck to you too :) ..if you get him back don't let him go again :)


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