Called my EX because I missed him. He picked up, said hello and then hung up. Why?

So it was a mutual break up. We've been broken up for a year now and we are distant friends. He was really hurt after the break up but so was I.

Anyways so a year after we broke up I called him up and he picked up my call. Then he hung up. I didn't call him back again even when I wanted to. Why did he do that? Plus, he never called me back too.


We broke up because of distance and we both agreed to it. 3 months ago he sent me a message saying he hopes there's an "us" sometime in the future.
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  • He doesn't want you contacting him until you've both overcome whatever it was that made yu break up...not only distance, but whatever else that made it hard to overcome the distance.

    People don't break up only because of distance. There's always more to it.

    I don't know if you answered his message 3 months ago, but if you didn't, that would make him feel rejected all over again. He would be angry and would write off any hope of a reconciliation, and your calling him without any 'warning' would provoke his hanging up.

    The ball is in your court; you should send him a message, as he did 3 months ago, and see what he says in reply. I'm pretty sure he WILL reply.

    • No, no. I replied and told him I agree. We truly broke up because of distance and lack of money tho. I have a good job now and he's at school doing post doc on a different continent.

      I'm gonna wait for HIM to contact me tho. The ball is in HIS court I think. Agree?

      Plus, we weren't together for long. Just 4 months

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    • Yea but I'm scared he won't reply (like he did last year December 2012) and that made me feel sad. I'll prob just wait or say hi for his birthday this December.

      I want him to show that he wants to talk to me too. If I text him first ill never know right?

    • It's pride against your desire to get back in contact..a delicate balancing act that only you can do since you know all the history and personalities.

      Me, I'd swallow my pride and contact him, but I see your point of view too.

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