Would you a guy to keep a promise like this?

So first things first let me tell you the history. One day there was a good for nothing boy (me) all he would do is get into fights but one day the boy got into a street fight his opponent pulled a fast one cut him in his left eye. He was taken to the hospital they had told the boy that his eye couldn't be saved he had figured out that he has to get stronger but to protect someone but everyone feared him. And if like the gods heard his prayer her heard a girl crying the boy had asked what happened. The girl had said that her dog had passed. They became friends. The boy liked the girl and she liked him there was a Daily kiss on the cheek. But one day the boy did something bad so they sent him to military academy. But before he left the boy told the girl that when he comes back the'll be together as boyfriend and girlfriend. But the boy met another girl they got together the first was sad. So would you want a guy to keep this promise like this


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  • I guess because of a subconscious wish for love to last, yes I'd want the guy to be ABLE to keep his promise (by that I mean he wants to and does, not that he does it out of obligation).

    But sometimes reality doesn't match up to our idealistic hopes. You gotta do what is right for you, just be kind to the first girl in how you convey it to her :)


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