Do you think my ex will contact me again?

To keep it short, we broke up, no contact for a few weeks, started talking again, heartfelt conversation about what went wrong, both said we care then. Then, he suggests he doesn't want contact any more because he ''will never get what he wants'' He won't tell me he wants a relationship. I said I wouldn't contact him again, we said goodbye. We are still on Facebook. This also isn't the first time I thought we where over when we weren't.

So, do you think he'll call?


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  • I'm not him, but probably not, at least for a while. You two agreed not to contact each other, and even if he did have feelings for you, he'd respect your joint decision. He wants to get over you, so let him. Things didn't work out between you, multiple times. Now it's time to find someone who's more compatible.


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