Can I salvage the situation? I can't lose her for another 5 years... maybe even longer this time

Hey, my girlfriend recently broke up with me, we had been together from mid may to about mid August, she's an old flame that I had from grade 7 and at that time we were together for 2 years, we broke up and vanished from each others lives for 5 years before reconnecting in may of this year. When we did reconect, she had a child and had a few days prior to talking to her again left her boyfriend because she was finally fed up with his physical abuse, despite her situation we both almost instantly had an amazing chemistry and decided to enter a relationship together. For the past few months I will admit, I have been a serious let down to her, we decided would make a home together but I ended up not delivering in June. Our relationship has been a steady decline since then, and then she finally broke up with me, she said she jumped into a relationship too fast and wants to have fun and be herself without consiquence and that she didn't want to hurt me because of it, and then when I tried to convince her of not leaving me she said she didn't even want to be with her childs dad, so why would she want to be with me? I truthfully believe she is my soul-mate and I can't lose her again, I don't want it to be another 5 years, or maybe even never, I have this womans name as a tattoo on the back of my neck and I need some advice on how to make our relationship last as long as that ink does. I was always taught that I need to fight for everything I love and believe in because it is all I will ever have and need, and I don't intend on throwing in the towel now.


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  • That is amazing that you have that much love for her. Since you do not want to give up you can only wait or work out some sort of compromise with her where you can carry the relationship, but allow her as much freedom as she needs as far as having fun with her friends, but I am not sure how that would work as too much freedom may not be a good thing. Waiting - meaning she really may not be ready for a relationship right now. I am not sure how old you guys are but it sounds like she has gone through so much already and just wants to enjoy herself without restriction, so you can wait for her to be ready for you whenever and if that time comes.

    I would definitely continue to be around and be her friend if that is all she wants at the moment and when and if she is ready she will come back to you. I think it possibly be salvage. When you consider she went through a lot in such a short time broke off an abusive relationship with her child's father, then met you again and jump into a relationship - that is lot emotionally.

    She definitely needs some time to heal a bit and she cared about you enough to let you go so that you would not be hurt in the process. Definitely keep fighting for what you believe and just keep the faith and have patience that it will work out.

    • i know what you are saying, I just can't stomache the idea of not being able to call her "mine" especially when now I feel like I'm losing 2 people, her son and her witch I love both so much...

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    • all I can do is wait, and if my body gives in before the time comes, then so be it, I know I'm only 18, I have a long way to go, but this won't be something I will ever move on from, I know I will get over it, but never move on. With god as my witness, that woman permanently owns my heart, and if she won't keep it then it looks like a long lonesome road ahead, and I'm willing to walk that road because I believe I can handle it, and because I believe love is an investment.

    • She's a lucky girl, not many guys have that type of love and devotion - it is rare. I hope it all works out well for you.

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