College ladies or ladies in general,i need you're awsome advice! About a girl's behavior.

If you are a woman in college late teens to early twenties and you make eye contact with a guy you think is cute the first day, then barely do it the next are you playing hard to get?

This beautiful girl in my college psychology class we made eyes at each other on the first day and she hardly did it the second day of class.

She sat to the left of me across the room and up a row, the second day of class she moved over to my side to the left of me up two rows and sat by a girl she was talking to, a friend perhaps.

Did she only look once because she was with a friend and it would be embarrassing? and it would be obvious if she looked back at me and it might seem weird? She seemed slightly shy/awkward about looking glancing at me both times the first day she did it several times once on the second day.

The psychology ptofessor was lecturing most of the time and we took notes but at the end of class when we were walking out to the parking lot she was in front of me and I was behind her. Wouldn't you think if she was interested she would have purposely let me catch up to her?

I was going to ask her how she was liking psychology so far and introduce myself, what do you ladies think I should do?

And do you think she was just shy or embarrassed at looking back at me? Intimidated? Or just scared?She is a little bigger than most girls, and I'm fit but I think she is extremely beautiful and she seems so sweet so maybe it could be that she thinks I won't be interested in her?

Do you think she could be interested in me? Or just find me attractive?

Thanks ladies for being patient with me I appreciate you taking the time to read this, you Gag women are the glue that holds this site together!

If you ladies want advice about a man you like link you're question in you're question or comments and I will gladly answer it and tell you what I think!

  • She's embarrassed to turn around and look at you, especially with a friend by her.
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  • She just finds me attractive.
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  • It's weird turning around to look at a guy when the professor is lecturing.
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  • It is to soon to tell.
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Forgot to add (E.) She likes me or is interested but does not want to come off as desperate or creepy, or playing hard to get.
Also this is my second year, and I haven't seen her around before so I'm thinking she's new maybe? So she is either a freshmen, or she is a little older than me.

I'm 20 years old, would you give a younger man a chance given you liked him and he was mature enough for a relationship with you?


Most Helpful Guy

  • You forgot to add these options:

    (F.) She doesn't like you.

    (G.) She doesn't know you exist and was actually making eyes at the person sitting next to you.

    (H.) She was staring at you - but only because you look like her third cousin once removed, and she was trying to figure out if you were him.

    The answers you supplied basically assume she likes you when we don't know for sure if that is the case.

    Anyway, it's definitely too soon to tell. You are making wild assumptions based on only about two hours of lecture time with her. That's like me trying to figure out who will win the next presidential election by polling two people. You might be able form a solid opinion after the next several WEEKS of classes.

    "Wouldn't you think if she was interested she would have purposely let me catch up to her?"

    Maybe, maybe not. She knows she's going to see you at the next lecture.

    • Nobody sits by me, and there are women behind me she also looked into my eyes so I know for a fact it's me she's looking at. But it could possibly be (H) lol that would suck greatly if she was my cousin... thanks for the thoughts... -___-.

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What Girls Said 2

  • She may not be interested or she might. Making eye contact can't determine either in my opinion

    • I think it's to soon to tell, if she keeps up consistent behavior maybe I can figure it out. Thanks for the answer!

  • If she was making eyes at you, she thinks you're attractive.

    It would have been awkward and obvious if she were to turn around and look at you.

    She also could be a bit shy.

    Make a move next time : )

    • Thank you so much! If you need anything answered link the question in a comment or re answer with a link! I wanna try and talk to her next time we are leaving class.

      Not really appropriate to move up two rows and try and talk to her during a lecture and she sits at the end of the table so I couldn't sit by her if I wanted.

      I'm intimidated by her honestly, she is so pretty in my eyes and seems like a sweet girl, probably has a lot of men after her.

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    • Ouch, I'm sure that's what that girl was thinking but like you I was insecure and unsure about myself did you get a chance to apologize? I tried adding her on fb to apologize but she wouldn't accept or deny it just ignored it, pay back I guess although I deserved it.

    • I did when he said that, but still felt bad after awhile.

What Guys Said 1

  • have you even talked to her yet ? you have a class with her , just say something if your that interested . its not a big deal to try and talk to a girl if you have a class with her . I did it all the time when in college and meet all kinds of hot girls I had classes with that I wouldn't of otherwise meet if we hadn't had a class together . just say hi , sit beside her in class or at computer lab . and talk to her its not rocket science

    I have no idea if she is interested or not your going to have to talk to her in person to find out

    • Yeah I plan to, just haven't had an opportunity yet second day of college and the professor is constantly lecturing. I'm going to ask her how she is liking the course so far after class and introduce myself, thanks ryan.

    • only second day then you have lots of time to talk to her but keep in mind college friendships are formed very early in the school year so don't waste too much time or she'll already have made friends and be too busy with them in class to have much time for you or already be signed up to work with them on group projects etc

    • Alright hey that's actually good advice! ha ha thank you!

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