How do I know he wants to stay back together and not just rebounding?

So I broke up with my boyfriend. Two weeks later, after not talking to seeing each other he texted me asking to hang out. So I did -- eventually we just ended up making out again and acting like nothing has changed. We then came to an agreement that we do want to stay together -- it's been a week and we've been on the down low about it. So so far, so good -- it feels like we just started dating, and it's wonderful. He's doing things that he didn't do when we were together's almost too good to be true! How do I know that this is for real?


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  • You won't really, until you've spent a lot of time together again. All you can do is rebuild the trust you lost in him over time, and hope for the best. Chances are he does want to stay back though considering you're the one who left him, but I don't know the situation so I can't say :P


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