Guys, when you ask us why we broke up with our ex, how should we answer?

I answer truthfully but since I am dating- I am OVER my ex... and find it hard to really sum up why. In my case, I was in a long term relationship and there were many problems.

I am an honest person and want there to be NO surprises for the new (and special) guy in my life. But I wouldn't want him to feel like I am either hung up on my ex, or am ridiculous for putting up with such crap.

Any advice? I don't know if I should sum up more or what.


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  • i think you be as honest as possible without going into insane detail. but if you were in a long term relationship and there were lots of problems you can use one of those euphemisms like "I just realized we weren't all that compatible after a while"... but the fact is if a guy asks then he's opening himself to whatever comes next

  • People half ask because they're interested, they half ask because they want to see if they will be 'better' in that area.

    If you can answer briefly in a way that conveys useful information about what you need in a relationship, that's good.


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