How can I rekindle what I messed up?

Ok, so me and my boyfriend have been growing apart over the last month or so. I know it takes two people to hold a relationship together, but ill take the brunt of the blame because lately I have just moved to another state, got and apartment, found some roommates and just started a new job. We already don't see each other very often and on top of all of it I got screwed over by some people on my family plan so I'm also in between phones until I can pay it off and clear my name. Needless to say communication has been at an all time low, because of my transitioning and its getting more and more awkward when I DO get a chance to talk to him. I never want to assume the worst, but has anyone had similar communication breakdown in a relationship? And if so how (if at all) did you guys get over the rough hump? Is there a strong possibility that the space has allowed him to move on a bit? He never really cares about the communication gaps, but I was hoping it was because he knows what I'm up to and that I wouldn't jeopardize us intentionally.


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  • Having distance between you is an ideal test for how strong your relationship is.

    It sounds like your relationship is not turning out to be very strong.

    Just accept it, you can't 'cure' it by any sort of new antics! Don't try to fool's time to end it, it's better for both of you.


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  • what...seems kinda odd you just "breezed" over the part you moved away. I'm assuming school/work? What was his response when you told him you where moving? That seems the likely problem here.

  • You moved away? That's generally not a sign of high interest. If you're currently more than a 30-45 minute drive away from each other, that will be a problem over the long term. Long distance kills relationships.


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