What's the best/easiest way to get a parent to stop butting into your love/dating life if you can't move out?

I met a guy on a dating website this summer. We've been texting for a while but might not be able to get together before I go back to school. He's an hour away, and has lots of bills to pay off - he just returned to work after being off for almost two weeks with a nasty back injury, and he helps his family pay some of their bills and has student loans to pay off, so the funds for him to see me aren't there right now. Also, I can't drive there because my parents use both cars for work.

I know he wants to get together with me, but it's just bad timing and a rough situation right now. My mom keeps butting in and saying that he's playing me, leading me on, etc. It gets her really worked up and I wish she'd just let it be my business.

What's the best way to handle this?


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  • The only way to get them to back off is to listen carefully without arguing. Eventually they will talk themselves out,and they know that you're not a child any longer.

    You can try asking embarrassing sexual questions of them. Most parents don't want to deal with that and they might stop asking you questions if they don't WANT to hear about your sex life!

    • Yeah, there's a problem there - I've already tried the understanding and appreciative approach. They problem is only with my mom - my dad knows the boundaries and completely agrees with my point of view. We're a close family pretty much, and have somewhat perverted senses of humor, and sex already comes up in conversation...and my mom tries to butt in and ask about sexual aspects of my conversations with guys, too... =/

    • OK, the embarrassment approach won't work on your Mom! You may have to wait until you're away at school!

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  • Demonstrate that you're mature enough to deal with your love life on your own.


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  • Thats why my parents have never known about anybody I date until its serious.


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