What is the most moving song you have heard?

Just heard this one yesterday and it makes me feel so many emotions. Brought up feelings of my ex.. it's beautiful link


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  • Its a song from a frikking TV show...

    Katherine Jenkins - Abigail's Song

    But I guess that's partly thanks to the story that it had. The doctor changes a bitter old man by going to his past, and "changing" each and every Christmas for the boy, by unfreezing Abigail (who is unfrozen to pay a debt. And in that pod there is a specific number that will go down for each and every day she would be unfrozen) for each and every Christmas. And with each and every Christmas the boy... The man falls more deeply in love with Abigail... And with each and every Christmas, the number on her pod that freezes her goes down, until it has the number one in it. And he has to stop seeing her, or he will forever loose her. If he wakes her up one more time, she will never wake up again. And he will not unfreeze her. He will not awake her because he does not want that. Because he loves her that much, and he just doesn't want to loose her. And he becomes a bitter old man. And this is the song she sings to him for the final time that she's waken up. And its just so sad. And so beautiful at the same time.

    • (I think I forgot to say that its from Doctor Who. You know, the British time traveling sci-fi show with a time lord and his sexy blue police box?)

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  • elisa,'dancing' https://www.YouTube.com/watch?v=rRrBdU-ztO8 the jump at 1:15 x______x

    jimmy eat world, '23' https://www.YouTube.com/watch?v=3AlHjb0xpIE

    everywhere I go, 'lissie' https://www.YouTube.com/watch?v=A_P9m8Ejr-Y

    max richter, this bitter earth https://www.YouTube.com/watch?v=jXHGoaEtmFM

  • I've got 2 of them.

    H. By tool, because I was addicted to meth and tried to balance that and being a mom which was impossible. I tried repeatedly to quit the drug but it was so hard.

    "venoumous voice tempts me drains me bleeds me leaves me cracked and empty drags me down like some sweet gravity. The snake behind me hisses what my damage could have been my blood before me begs me to open up my heart again and I feel this coming over like a storm again"

    I'd cry daily and have panic attacks to the point I started having my ex shoot me up. I hated myself and daily was just overwhelmed with self disgust and felt worthless I wanted to stop feeling and that rush before the high about took me to heaven.

    "as the snake is drownd and as I look in your eyes my fear begans to fade recalling all of those times, I could have cried then, I should have cried, and as the snake is drowned and as I look in his eyes my fear begans to fade recalling all of those times I have died and will die it's all right I don't mind

    coming down sitting in jail thinking of how I hurt my innocent 3 year old when I left and all that I missed I should have been there I should have gone home to my child instead of using the needle to make me stop feeling/caring. N till now I didn't understand "I have died" but it's that piece of me is dead. I made the change for my daughter and I will continue changing as I learn, I will make sacrifices and let who I was die for her because she deserves that.

    I'm going on 6 weeks sober now and it's an accomplishment for me after the past couple years. I'm happy and my Babys happy and it's an amazing feeling. I wish I could fix the damage tho. I hate myself for what I've done and who I was

    then until it sleeps by Metallica because that's how I felt daily


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