Is this a reasonable study schedule?

Study for one hour then break for 30 minutes and back at it again for a total of 5.5 hours in a row?

Total Study Time: 4 hours

Total Break Time: 1.5 hours

I am very bad at studying/time management skills so I am trying to make myself a schedule. I also have a short tension span.
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  • Rigid schedules don't work, since what you are studying makes such a difference.

    If you have tomemorize a lot of discrete facts, such as a vocabularly list, you should have a much shorter study time, a much shorter break, and you can go on forever, for several hours if you need to.

    If you're studying someone's theory or philosophy, you'll need about this schedule, but you won't need such a long break.. 10 minutes is usually enough.

    For this kind of subject, you should use 'active studying.' Summarizing the person's theory or philosphy in your own words rather than simply reading a text.

    But then, don't go on longer than 2 hours without a long break, such as for a meal.

    • I notice you answer my questions a lot and always have very helpful answers! Thank you!

    • Thank you too!

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What Guys Said 4

  • It depends on what actually works for you. Ideally you divide whatever section you're studying into pieces and take a break after 20-30 minutes of studying one piece. Then you return and complete the next piece, then break again after 20-30 minutes.

    The idea is to not just read everything, but to retain it. You can't read something for a full hour or more and expect to retain the necessary details that will get you a high grade.

    This strategy works when you don't procrastinate and study at least two days in advance. Studying just hours before a midterm is the worst method and yields results far less than what you're capable of.

  • Sounds good to me, trial and error. Did you mean attention span?

  • Yeah that seems alright, I generally do something similar

  • experiment and see what works for you. if the material is really boring you might only be able to study for 30 min then take a break.


What Girls Said 1

  • Oh yeah, sounds pretty reasonable. I should do the same myself, I have horrible study habits, and I get distracted easily =/ I think it's something good to start off with.


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